Sex Anxiety Specialist

Doing Great Things With Hypnotherapy Since 2007

Talking yourself out of an erection? Avoiding sex?

Can’t keep it hard with a partner, no matter how much you try?

Why is it not a problem on your own, but is as scary as hell with a partner?

Do you worry so much about keeping your erection it becomes impossible every time?

Does avoiding sex make the problem go away?

So, you would just like to be normal, like any other bloke. Not superman, James Bond or some unrealistic ‘Alpha Male’ freak, but normal, with a normal, natural sex life.

Not worrying about it, not avoiding it, no pills, no fear and no dread. Just normal.

You want to be able to get it up on demand and to keep it up when it matters most.

No man can fake an erection, and when penetration is called for, you want to get it up and keep it up - You know, normal!

That is what I do. I create normality in your sex life. Fear, dread, doubt and anxiety are not normal, not in the way you have known them.

Give me two hours of your life and I will give you something to last your whole lifetime.

Too Good To Be True?

"Can all of this really be fixed? I have lived with this for a long time, no matter how hard I try to calm down, or try not to think about it, it still happens. Sometimes I can get by with pills, or alcohol, but I can't rely on it.

How can you sound so confident you can fix this for me?"

This Is What I do.  This Is Who I am.

  • I have this tool box of therapy tools. I have developed it for more than a decade. Not in theory, but in practice, working with real people face to face.
  • I do not do ‘fluffy’ I never do ‘energy waves or whale music’ or stuff like that.
  • I do what works. I am practical and pragmatic. It has to be simple and it has to work with most people, or it has no place in my tool kit.
  • Hypnosis tools make up a large part of my tool kit, but this is not all I have to work with. Hypnotherapy works very well for most people most of the time. But, what about those who are less hypnotisable? Well, I have proven tools for that too.
  • I can only work face to face with you after we have a phone call and chat about it. In this conversation I will honestly tell you if I am the right person to fix your problems. About 8 out of 10 people I speak to end up with the result they want. That's Honesty...Because no one can fix everyone.. Start Your Conversation Here

What Clients Say About Me

These are real words from real clients, portrayed by actors to keep confidentiality


Richard Stone. 0208 647 7441. I am a married man in my fifties with a passion for understanding human behaviour. Since 2007 I have specialised in sexual performance anxiety; along the way I have worked with some great teachers and learned many skills. I have also found a few self-proclaimed experts who peddle nothing but fluff. There is no greater teacher than experience. You need to spend a couple of hours with a therapist who can measure experience in years.

It is strange how artificial barriers can get in the way of life's most basic function. I know it is a cruel position to be in. Desperately wanting, but overwhelmed with ‘head stuff’ which gets in the way. Deconstructing those barriers and leaving the way open can be very straightforward.

Talk to me and I will tell you anything you want to know about me.

I thought £165 for two hour was expensive, and what if it does not work for me.  When I spoke to Richard it seemed like he understood me.  He said, if the session was a disaster and he was not able to make anything change he would not charge me. I believed him. I now know the money was not for two hours, it was for the rest of my life without that crap going on in my head.


See A Doctor First

I only work with men who have ruled out the physical, for them it is not an erection failure because of a medical condition, it is all about what is going on in their heads. It is all about expectation of failure.

It is all about the real fear of being soft when she wants you hard.

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