Is Erection Failure Ever Normal?

You will be surprised to learn the answer; yes it is and yes it can be a normal reaction to our modern lifestyle. The question is how frequently you have an erection failure and over what length of time. Is Erection Failure Ever Normal?

How An Erection Happens

Your body is an amazing thing, most of the things it does you do not need to know about, they just happen. There is one function you do need to know, how does an erection happen? What goes on in your body and what prevents it from working. Your Erection.

How To Start Getting Over Your Sex Problems Yourself

Sex is such a small word, which means such a lot; it is a big deal. Sex is an emotional thing. Sex is not just penetration; there is more to it than that...Nearly all of my clients find the emotional element of sex the main problem. This is what you can do for yourself now.

Porn and Your Sexual Performance

Every man looks at porn, that is a given fact. The key question is how often and for how long? The effects of repeated porn viewing can have a devastating effect on your erection ability. The effect of porn on your sexual performance.

The Secret To Good Sex

The secret to good sex is not what you imagine it is. It is not size, and it is not some 'trick' technique. The key to good sex is also the the cause of for your erection failures. "Good sex is a  three ring circus, not a one trick pony. " The Secret To Good Sex

Will This Work For Me?

Will this therapy work for me? Can I cure your erectile dysfunction ? That is a fair question, and my best answer is ‘probably.’ For over a decade I have been working on ways to be as good as I can doing this, working with real people and getting real results. Go into this with your eyes open. Know what your chance of a cure is now.

Sex Drugs

Sex drug, specifically for erectile dysfunction, are amazing things, they can give a man the boost of confidence he desperately needs. Now read this article and find out how they can become a crutch and not a life saver. When is it time to stop taking them? Sex Drugs.

Common Causes of Erection Problems

Alcohol, stress, drugs and exhaustion. We all know about those ones. But, what are the key reasons for persistent erectile dysfunction, when it is not a medical problem. What is going on in your head to cause persistent erection problems?

What is Hypnosis?

I have a whole bag of good quality, proven tool that I use, one of which is hypnotherapy. I use it because, when it is done well, it is fast, powerful and highly effective. Let me tell you what the experience of hypnosis is like, what it is you can expect from this clever and strong tool. It is not what you see on TV! What is Hypnotherapy?