Contact a specialist in erectile dysfunction

Contact a specialist in erectile dysfunction.

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Email is a good way to start  - or you may wish to contact me using a more generic email address to help keep things confidential

It is time to have a conversation about erection problem. It's easy to say 'just call me', but we both know picking up the phone for a conversation  is not easy. There is a big emotional charge to it.

It exists, sexual performance anxiety is a 'thing' and it is not going to fix itself. 'and it's not just you. The best data I can find suggests 10% of the UK adult male population has experienced erectile dysfunction . Not that anyone is keen to freely have a conversation about sex anxiety with friends or family. I get it, it's embarrassing, it hurts, and it's nothing to shout about. This is my confidentiality policy

From your email we will set up a time to talk on the phone. Ask me any questions you want in the email and I will give you the best answer I have. For more than a decade I have been treating sexual performance anxiety and I think I have been told most things by now.  When we start a conversation, my first job is to understand enough about you and the things you experience, to ensure I am the right person for you.

The second thing I am looking for in our conversation is an understanding of the structure of your experience. How is it you experience what you experience. There are many common factors in a sexual performance anxiety disorder, and the more common factors I see, the more I can be of help to you. It is not all about treating the symptoms, I do treat you as a unique individual. Everyone develops and experiences this type of problem differently. This is how I do therapy for sex anxiety.

Our conversation should not be all one way, ask me anything you want to know. I will always answer you honestly.

Start a conversation with me, start a change in you, get back to a normal sex life.