Will this work for me?

Will this therapy work for me? Can I give you an erectile dysfunction cure? That is a fair question, and my best answer is ‘probably.’

There is a process to this. Something I have developed over many years of experience which slants the outcome in your favour. If you find someone online who says they can guarantee a fix, what you have found is a liar. No one can guarantee an erectile dysfunction cure, no one can fix everyone.

erectile dysfunction cureIf you want hard data, I can say this to you. About 8 out of 10 guys who contact me end up with the result they want. The first part of the process is to have a phone call with me. In our conversation, I get to understand you and some of the structure of the problem. Sometimes it is about fear of failure, other times it is porn or old-fashioned guilt. You also get to know me too. By the end of that call, I will tell you honestly if I am the person for you.

If your erection problem is part of a larger range of issues, perhaps a clinical diagnosis of depression, or you have a substance addiction, I will not be the person for you. Previous, or ongoing mental health issue of another different kind, means I am unlikely to be the person for you either. Recovering alcoholics excluded. I have worked with several guys in recovery and assuming you are sticking to the 12-step plan, this facet of you is no hindrance to a good outcome.

Go in to this with your eyes open.  I have known many guys who delay making contact for strong reasons. They assume this is it, this is the last chance to get a sex life back. Add to this a sense of failure, a sense of, ‘this will fail because I have failed so badly before’. This person gets stuck, often for a long time. Stuck not knowing if they are right or not. Stuck with a glimmer of hope and a chance of a fix. Not wanting to take that chance in case it does not work out well, and then they have to face the failure square in the face. All the time no action is taken, the hope remains.

Is this the last hope for an erectile dysfunction cure?

I am not the last hope, I am probably your best hope, but I am not the last. If I am not the person for you, or if I try and fail – it is rare but it happens, remember you are going in to this with your eyes open – I know of two top quality psychotherapists you can speak too, each works to a high level using different types of tool to me. They are effective in different ways.

Start a conversation with me and get an honest answer.