Sex Drugs

Sex Drugs. Viagra® and Cialis®  and others are easy to get hold of. A large proportion of my clients use them, and for some there is a doctor’s prescription. For others, it is self prescribed and an online buy.
sex drugsI am often asked, “should I stop taking them?” Which is a question I would be wrong to answer. If your doctor has prescribed them to you, who am I to tell you not to. I am not a medical doctor.
If gaining, and keeping an erection comes from a physical problem, these sex drugs, when prescribed, can be awesome for you. Some doctors will prescribe them when there is no physical cause. Many clients tell me this. Their doctors refers them for tests, and nothing is amiss. A prescription for sex drugs follows with an explanation it will help 'get your confidence back.'
That is not a bad idea on the face of it. Let the guy have an experience of a good strong erection. Let him know he is capable of doing this. The question I ask you is. When is it time to stop taking them?


There is something the majority of my clients have, and that is a dependency on them. This is not a clinical dependency complete with withdrawal symptoms. It is a ‘support dependency’.
On his own there is no need for a pill for an erection, “it all function fine, thank you.” The need is only evident with a partner involved, the need for a crutch, a support crutch. A need for a pill before “I can do it with her.”
I could now, at this moment get all pedantic and tell you, if you don’t need a pill on your own, you don’t need a pill with a partner. Physically, that is likely to be true. But I recognise, this is not a physical matter, it is a dependency matter. It is a mental thing. It is a dependency belief on a pill. That is a powerful thing, when the mind takes as an absolute fact, no pill means no erection. Belief Dependency
It is this belief dependency I can help you with. Many guys can overcome this belief and go straight to quitting. For others, the best way is to reduce the amount taken each time. If it is prescribed by your doctor, then have a conversation with him first. I cannot give you advice on prescribed drugs.
I can tell you though, your dependency belief about them can change, and change quickly.
For clarity, I must say this. I am not ‘anti-big pharma’. The opposite; because of the work of big drugs companies I am still alive today.