About Me Richard Stone, Sex Therapist for men.

Richard Stone. I am a sex therapist, but I am not for everyone. Working only with men I specialise in quality, caring sex therapy for men with sexual performance anxiety, and I have done so for more than a decade now.

Now in my fifties and starting my second decade offering therapy. For the majority of that time I have specialised in sexual performance anxiety. There is nothing else I would rather do. I have a fascination with people, the how’s and the what’s they do to survive this thing we call life. No, I am not perfect, or even close. That is not my goal. My goal is to be as good as I can be, as effective as I can in my specialist area.

Many times, in social situations I am asked, “what do you do?” I try to get away with just saying I am a therapist. If I say what I really do I know the odd, and awkward silence will follow. “I am a sex therapist, I work with men with erection problems, due to sexual performance anxiety.” Conversation stopper isn’t it? This is my confidentiality policy.

I particularly like working with sexual performance anxiety for this reason. It is unique among all the defined anxieties a person can have. There is no other type of anxiety disorder  that is in such conflict with a natural desire; the sexual urge within each of us. For example, I don’t like heights much, and I can avoid being up high and in the open quite well. Avoidance bothers me not at all. This is the unique, and cruel thing about sexual performance anxiety. The urge and desire for sex is never going to go away. Avoidance, denial, or evading will not dull the urge for it. Nothing will, dealing with the anxiety is the only choice.

Over the years, I have worked with some great teachers. In this time I have also found some self-proclaimed experts who peddle nothing but fluff. From every person I have ever worked with I have also learned something. Especially those with whom I failed. I will always be honest with you, in the same way I need you to be honest with me. If you find someone online who claims he can fix anything with his therapy, you have found a liar. Let’s keep it real. I get good result with 8 out of 10 who contact me. It all starts with an initial conversation, and for some, that is where it ends. In some cases, I am not the person to help.

Sex Therapist

Sex TherapistI have this toolbox of sex therapy techniques. It is all the stuff I have learned and practiced over the years. This is not theory, this is experience. Various forms of hypnosis make up the bulk of  my toolbox. But, also, I have parts therapy, some types of eye movement work, metaphor work, and the better bits of NLP. The stuff that actually works with real normal people. I do not have energy waves, crystal or angels. That is not me. My job is to use the right tools to fit you and the structure of your problem. This is my style of working for  treating erectile dysfunction.

My name is Richard Stone, start a conversation with me. 0208 647 7441