Sexual Performance Anxiety Specialist

sexual performance anxiety specialist Thank you for your email

Thank you for your email.

I know it was not easy to do, asking for help is admitting there is a problem.

You have now placed the burden on me; I am the sexual performance anxiety specialist, and I am happy to take load off your shoulders. This is what I do, I treat male sex problems, I help you get to normal.   I will keep it all confidential.

How successful am I? About 8 out of 10 guys get the result they want. How to cure erectile dysfunction.

I thank you for trusting me with your information; you can expect a reply in one working day. Then we will start your conversation, we will start changing the stuff in your head.

I often say to guys, this may be the weirdest thing you have ever done. Once we have a conversation, the next step is to come and see me. Think about it, you are going to sit in a room with a stranger and talk about sex, sex problems and treatment choices. Then you are going to allow me to use hypnosis and other tools to make a change in the way you think. We also take a good look at how you expect your sex life to work out. Which is not your everyday afternoon routine, but then you no longer want your everyday sexual performance?

By the end of it we will be friends, but with one very important difference. I will never ever tell anyone anything about our conversations, and we are likely to never  meet each other ever again. This is my confidentiality policy.

This is my style of treating a sex anxiety problem which is fairly sensible and straight forward. It all starts with a conversation, a phone call. In about 15 minutes we can get to know a lot about each other and we can set the foundations for a great therapy session. I will be very honest with you, and I expect the same in return. I will tell you up front if I believe I can help you or not.

There are many common factors between all the guys I have seen. But, that does not mean there is a one size fits all solution. Sexual performance anxiety does manifest itself with differences between guys,in the same way the origins of a sex anxiety are all different.