Treatment Fees and Payment

I charge £165 for a therapy session.

This session lasts 2 hours, the results can last a lifetime.

I receive many inquiries each week asking for a treatment for an erection problem. Many of them ask straight away for an appointment. Before I can set an appointment there are two thing I need to understand about you. There are also a couple of important things you need to know about me too.
Firstly, I insist on having a short phone call first. I am not trying to put up barriers, what I am trying to do is give you the best possible solution available. It may be that, the solution you need is not best provided by me. (I told you I was honest about this stuff!) In a 15 minute chat, we can both get a good idea about each other and the structure of the problem. You will form a decent understanding if I am the right person to help you. It is also a good chance for me to get an understanding of the how the problem works for your. That's the basic, and most important thing. I get an understanding of how the problems works for you, and perhaps too, an understanding of how it developed. When I know these things in advance I can be prepared. It makes our session together more efficient, and significantly more effective. Starting a session 'blind' is hard work for the both of us; there is no 'prescriptive, one size fits all' solution that can be universally applied.
Secondly, I ensure the nature of this transaction is understood. This is a commercial transaction. The NHS will provide treatment for an erection problem, which, if you can get a referral, is free. Some private health insurance will also cover the condition.

 Make An Appointment

Once we have had a chat and we both agree, we set an appointment. My therapy location and working hours are here. I know from experience I can help about 8 out of 10 guys get the result they want. It is important to me to be honest about this. The times when it does not work annoy me a lot. Occasionally, the first session is a disaster, and I can get nothing to work. In which case I will not charge you, that is only fair.

My style of treatment for an erection problem

treatment for an erection problemYears ago I did the traditional way of working. "The come and see me once a week for as long as I can get away with it for," which is a rubbish way of working. Most of the change work happened done in the first session anyway, the rest of the time was faff and tinkering. 'and if you are traveling some distance to see me, as many guys do, that is taking the mickey out of you. Now, I offer a 2 hour intensive session. In that length of time, you can expect a massive amount to be achieved. If needed, a second face to face session of an hour, or a phone call or a skype, is included in the one fee. A full explanation of the way I provide a treatment for ED is explained on its own page.

I prefer payment by card, not Amex, or PayPal. If you want to be anonymous then come with cash. Your credit or debit card slip will say 'Carshalton Osteopath'